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Our ergonomic electric platform carts are available in a variety of capacities and sizes to accommodate ergonomic needs in the work place. From our standard models to our custom designed electric carts, all of the ergonomic material handling equipment supplied by Lift Products is designed with uncompromising quality and standards.

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Electric Cart Overview

Electric platform carts can be used in a wide variety of workplaces: warehouses, offices, mailrooms, hospitals, labs, casinos...pretty much anywhere that transports materials on a frequent basis. They are able to go in to an out of elevators and can climb inclines from 6 to 8 degrees, depending on the model. All of our electric carts feature intuitive roller grip controls with infinitely variable speed as well as maximum throttle controls for safe and maneuverable operation. If your application calls for a high degree of specialization, we excel at customization and can meet most requirements by altering our standard models or we can retro-fit a drive system to your own non-powered carts.

The light duty Moto-Cart Jr. has a 1,100 lbs capacity and a maximum useable deck size of 36" x 52.5". It features a front wheel transaxle drive system for increased incline transversal, onboard charger and slide out battery tray.

The medium duty Moto-Cart has a 1,500 lbs capacity and is offered in variety of platform sizes, the largest being 27" x 68.5". The spring-loaded center wheel transaxle drive system allows the Moto-cart to turn on a dime and is able to navigate tight corners with ease. Available with a wide variety of options including wire shelving, top shelves, cylinder racks and mailroom baskets, the Moto-Cart is suitable for most electric cart applications.

The heavy duty Moto-Cart HD takes the design and performance of the Moto-Cart and reinforces it for more demanding applications. The upgraded heavy duty transmission allows for an increased capacity and deck width, moving materials on 8" conductive casters boned to a Polyolefin wheel core directed by a high efficiency controller.

For applications that require materials to not only be transported but also be vertically positioned, the offer a number of different electric carts with lift. From standard manual pump up or powered light duty mobile lifts to our built-to-order solutions, we've been the preferred choice of numerous companies with their die handling, assembly positioning and conveyance applications.