Walk Behind Stackers, also known as Walkie Stackers, are similar in function to a fork lift with a smaller footprint and lower cost. We offer numerous types of walkie stackers depending on the requirements of the application.

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Walkie Stacker Overview

Walk behind stackers, also known as walkie stackers, are mobile lifting positioners commonly used to stack pallets on top of one another but also have a wide variety of other material handling applications such as work positioning and dock loading. They are used as intermediate handling of products where a traditional sit down or stand up forklift truck is not economically viable or due to space constraints. With their compact chassis designs, walkie stackers can operate in narrow aisles and in close quarters with work cells, essentially acting as a mobile lift table. The exact type of walk behind stacker that is ideal for your specific application will depend on the capacity of the loads, the number of loads, how far the loads need to travel as well as any obstructions that may be encountered in the placing of the loads.

For lighter capacity handling in applications where the full lift range of the stacker is only going to be utilized occasionally, or semi-frequent incremental changes in height are required, a Manually Pushed Stacker is suitable as long as the distance traveled under near maximum capacity is less than 100 feet. Available with both manual pump up lift and electric lift.

Applications in which 2,000 lb pallets need to be transported over 100 feet require a power driven stacker in order to minimize worker fatigue and increase productivity. The majority of general material handling requirements can be handled by an Electric Straddle Stacker in which the loads are straddled by the outrigger legs of the stacker. These types of stackers are extremely compact in comparison to a fork lift or counter-balanced type truck and operate exceptionally well in tight spaces.